Infopoint Lunchtime Conference: Mixed Migration Review 2019. Brussels, Belgium

  • 19 Nov 2019
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  • 19 Nov 2019
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About this Event

Feet on today’s ground but sights on tomorrow’s futures

What does the future hold for migration, refugees, mixed migration and irregular mobility? What is the future labor migration and asylum space, considering the shift towards increased nationalism and moves against multinationalism at a time when the world is facing global problems that need coherent joint approaches? How will the issues of displacement and forced migration be affected by inequality, poor governance, environmental stressors and the international community’s response to these challenges? Can we realistically predict or forecast what the future trends will be?

In November 2019, the Mixed Migration Centre published the Mixed Migration Review 2019 focusing on the future of mixed migration in relation to changes in a broad range of areas such as the securitization of migration, the climate, artificial intelligence, the economy, demographics and politics. During the Infopoint session three selected topics of the MMR 2019 will be presented and discussed.


Francesco Luciani

Head of Unit, DEVCO B3, Migration & Employment 


Roberto Forin

Mixed Migration Centre, Programme Coordinator 

Bram Frouws

Head of the Mixed Migration Centre 

Sandra Jensen Landi 

Deputy Head of Department for Humanitarian Action, Migration and Civil Society, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Conference language: English

Language Q&A session: English

Venue: rue de la Loi 43-45, Ground floor, Brussels 

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